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Diamond Springs Wellness Center
210E Main St STE 101
Midway, UT 84049

Phone: (435) 657-1777
Fax: (435) 657-0098
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Located in beautiful Midway, Utah. Midway is located in the Heber Valley, approximately three miles west of Heber City and 28 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Midway is a city that is family-oriented, aesthetically pleasing, safe, walkable and visitor friendly. A community that proudly enhances our small town Swiss character and natural environment.

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Main Office:
(435) 657-1777

(435) 657-0098


“After more than ten years with rheumatoid arthritis I had given up on a normal life. I had severe pain in my hands, hips, back, and knee. My lower back had severe degeneration in two vertebra and significant degeneration in the rest. This caused terrible pain in my legs due to pressure on nerves in my back. My wife, who had been going to Doctor Moore, convinced me to try and see if she could help me.

Dr. Moore performed Prolozone treatments on my back, hips, and knee. I felt somewhat better immediately and after a few weeks of treatments my leg pain started to improve and eventually went totally away. Dr. Moore also prescribed an oral antibiotic to treat my arthritis. I did not see improvement and she said it would take quite a while, but if I had IV treatments it could work faster. I started weekly treatments and started feeling better almost immediately. After a few months, I was able to go off all my arthritis medications without any arthritis symptoms.

I am continuing the Prolozone treatments which in combination with an exercise program are helping to heal the joint degeneration problems I am left with. Dr. Moore's treatments have been amazing and have changed my life.”

Joe G.

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