Services & Treatments

Treatments Available

• Adolescent counseling
• Asyra
• Autism treatments per DAN protocol
• Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
• Chelation therapy for heart disease & heavy metals
• Counseling and wellness coaching
• Couples counseling
• Cranial Osteopathy
• Cryotherapy
• Emotional Therapy
• Exercise with Oxygen Therapy
• Far Infra-red Sauna Bed with Chi Machine
• Foot ionization soak
• Foot zone therapy and energy balancing
• HCG diet
• Herbal Therapy
• Homeopathy
• IV and low dose oral antibiotics for rheumatoid
• IV Migraine Push
• IV treatment for macular degeneration
• IV Vitamins and Minerals
• Low Dose Antigen Immunotherapy for allergies
• Low level laser therapy
• Massage therapy for pain and stress relief
• Mind Body Skills groups
• Nutritional Therapy
• Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
• Oxygen Bar
• Ozone Autohemotherapy
• Prolozone injection therapy
• Pulsed Electro-Magnitic Frequency treatments
  by the Ondamed
• Scar Therapy
• Supplements created by Dr. Moore
• Thyroid Therapy
• Ultra-violet Blood Irradiation
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Specialized Testing

• Adrenal Stress testing
• Allergy Screening using Blood Antibodies
• Amino Acid Analysis
• Cardiac Risk Profile
• Comprehensive Parasitology
• Elisa testing
• Fatty Acid Analysis
• Frequency testing for blockages with the Ondamed
• Glucose Tolerance Test with Insulin
• Heavy Metal Challenge testing
• Hormonal testing
• Testing for environmental toxins
• Urine Organic Acids Analysis

Other Treatments Available



“When I came to see Dr. Judith Moore, most doctors had given up hope in finding a cure or even healing the issues that I had. I lived with daily pain at a level of 8 out of 10, and weakness that became beyond discouraging. I walked in and immediately found more then I had ever hoped.

The staff had a genuine concern for my welfare. This in itself amazed me. But to find out that I was truly getting CARED FOR and searching for TRUE HEALING was beyond what I would have ever expected. I was taken care of from the front window to setting up appointments that I knew would WORK with SUCCESS. My experience at Diamond Springs Wellness Center has been beyond the extent of a MIRACLE.”

RaNelle Wallace,
Author/Presenter - Utah Woman of the Year

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